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Student Composer: Richie Arndorfer - Solo Piano Works

Variety of works for solo instruments and mixed chamber ensembles Check it out! Just before GVSU went on Thanksgiving break, I helped out with a recording session for student composer Richie Arndorfer's graduate school portfolio. I had already performed Piano Patterns #1 (Pop Snacks) and Spectrum (fragment) for die Bibliomusik and Student Recital Hour, so that helped with the recording process. We Sat around in a Torpid State was brand new to the recording session, and the challenge was seen mainly in conveying the mood of the material. Each work is a nice addition to the New Music repertoire of solo piano music, and it speaks to Arndorfer's writing style as being both playful but very directed in his approach.

Check out the Soundcloud link below to hear all three recordings!


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