Dutcher Snedeker

Pianist and Collaborator

Upcoming shows:

March 16th Arts at Noon @ GVSU 12 pm

performing "Two Rivers" by Anze Rozman w/ Hanicka

March 22nd iBall Event @ New Vintage Place 8pm

performing with The Isaac Norris Project

March 26th Jazz & Gin Mondays @ Long Road Distillers 8-11pm

with Brad Fritcher's MOODS

March 30th @ 18th Amendment 8 pm

performing with Proteus Trio

April 2nd WMU COMBO CONERT @ Dalton Center 6 pm

performing with Pizza Mob and Quadrilateral+1

April 8th Masters Recital @ Dalton Center Lecture Hall 2pm

featuring Blushing Monk, the WMU/Kzoo version of the project

April 13th Arts at Noon @ GVSU 12pm

performing "Crystal" by Michael Daugherty with Hanicka

April 13th @ Rockford Brewing Company 830Pm

with Earth Radio

April 15th @ Creston Brewery 3pm

with The Isaac Norris Project

April 19th @ The Loft TBD

with Earth Radio

May 4th @ Frederick Meijer Gardens

with Blushing Monk Trio

May 12th Brunch EVent 10 am

with Isaac Norris Project

May 26th @ Ethanology 7 pm

with Benjaman James

May 27th @ Ironfish Distillery 6pm

with Benjaman James

May 31st @ Book NOok and Java Shop 7pm

with Blushing Monk


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