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Le Tombeau de Piano 2.0

[youtube=http://youtu.be/OQL03xuEBAs] Very glad I could make my private instructor's recital today at the Grand Rapids Art Museum! Dr. Giuseppe Lupis is a great presence at Grand Valley State University, and while it is his final year he has done so much for me in improving my playing, understanding the environment I'll be going into for grad school and beyond, and for how to conduct myself as a performer in general when approaching a variety of opportunities.

Below is program list for what was performed today, a list that includes two world premieres at the bottom. The Toilet Suite is a prime example of Lupis' desire to connect with audience members, inject humor into his compositions, and craft a memorable musical experience with added elements, like playing a flushing sound through a Bluetooth speaker and utilizing another student to present a plunger during the movement "Clogged." Adversely, "The Cowbell" is clear example of Lupis' command of the instrument, as it was a series of etudes based on the famous Paganini-Liszt etude "La Campanella." More humor and talents in composition are seen in his "5 Etudes on the Extreme Beauty of the Piano" and his "Approximately 5 Preludes" that include paying tribute to composers of great works for solo piano by sculpting pieces in their styles. His 8 Variations on "Twinkle Twinkle" shows his attention to history, remarking during the recital that Mozart originally did variations on this popular children's song. "A Few Excuses," later followed by "A Few More Excuses," blend jazz and classical elements in very beautiful ways, with emotionally driven melodies balanced by a rich harmonic palette.

Check out more content than the video above on his website, with links to Facebook and Youtube included, at this link: http://www.giuseppelupis.com/


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