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Orbit: Concert of Modern Dance and Modern Music

"Play" Session Dress Rehearsal @ Wellspring Theater

Myself, Krista Visnovsky (violin), and Wade Selkirk (percussion)

Dancers and the New Music Ensemble Rehearsing

Photo of GVSU New Music Ensemble 2014-2015

Wellspring Theatre

This project has a very fun collaboration for our Fall Semester of performances!

Corri Terry and our professor, Bill Ryan, started talking about this collaborative effort in the summer, just after the GVSU New Music Ensemble arrived home from our National Parks Project Tour. The idea was to include and highlight the individual and combined talents of Corri Terry's choreography, Bill Ryan's compositions and recording projects, Michael and Rachel Miller's additional choreography direction, and the performers in both ensembles

Included in the program is 3 pieces by Bill Ryan (including a world premiere), 3 different electronic remixes, arranged for the New Music Ensemble by graduate students Adam Cuthbert and Dan Rhode , of Terry Riley's "In C" by Jad Abumrad, Mason Bates, and Zoe Keating, as well as choreography to another of Zoe Keating's works for cello and accompanying backing track.

From a performer's standpoint, everything is running very smoothly and everyone is continually engaged. Even for returning ensemble members like myself, the continuing performances of these remixes continues to find new perspectives as they are paired with different art mediums and different projects.

The content link shows the Facebook event page where you can find photos of the first two concerts, reviews from various press sources, and details about the final two performances that are happening today! Looking forward to closing out with a bang!

Additional links: Concert: http://www.wellspringdance.org/pages/events.cfm

Review: http://www.mlive.com/entertainment/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2014/11/wellspring_cori_terry_and_danc.html#incart_related_stories

Interview with audio from "Play": http://m.wmuk.org/?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F#mobile/18140

GVSU New Music Ensemble website: http://newmusicensemble.org/

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